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Coinhomes web-app design


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Coinhomes is a digital platform designed to facilitate real estate transactions using cryptocurrency. It aims to bridge the gap between the traditional real estate market and the growing demand for cryptocurrency transactions. By offering a seamless and secure interface for both buyers and hosts, Coinhomes enables users to buy, sell, and manage properties using digital currencies. The platform provides essential tools such as dashboards for transaction management, property listings, and real-time analytics, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for all parties involved.

I was responsible to deliver comprehensive design of both the real estate buyer and host interfaces. This involved crafting a seamless user experience to each group, ensuring intuitive navigation and functionality. My responsibilities extended to designing a dashboard that provided both buyers and hosts with essential tools and insights, enabling them to manage their transactions and properties efficiently.

Here's the comparison, before and after our redesign

Before redesign

After redesign

The Discovery

The Coinhomes asked our team to "restart" the Coinhomes. We asked to do from the beginning of research discovery like user target personas, user journey, and more.

User Persona

After plenty of time they have in crypto world, and have enough money in crypto, most of them decided to look after real estate area where they can use their BTC or others as transaction value, but again, they also have same pain point, they didn't find a good platform to facilitate it.

Quick Wins

Identifying and implementing quick wins ensured that the platform quickly started to align more closely with the users needs and Coinhomes' vision, providing immediate benefits while laying the groundwork for more substantial improvements.

Customer Journey Map

By identifying customer behavior in costumer journey map, this helps Coinhomes understand and improve the customer experience by identifying areas of satisfaction and opportunities for enhancement.

Information Architecture

By presenting this diagram to Coinhomes team, it helps them to visualizing how different elements work together to provide a seamless and cohesive customer experience, ensuring that all technological and operational aspects are aligned with the overall customer journey.


The wireframe includes key components such as navigation menus, property listings, dashboards, and the crypto payment integration sections, ensuring that the functionality and user flow are clearly defined before the detailed design phase. This process helps in aligning the design with Coinhomes' vision and mission, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient platform.

High fidelity design and prototypes

Where it comes to high fidelity design, the application of content, imagery and actual copy might change the look and feel. We explore different options for some of design elements.

Here's full interaction flow for purchasing a house in new redesigned Coinhomes.

As project delivered, CEO / Founder send his thanks to the team

"They always deliver and it's always dope."

Landon Hamilton - CEO / Founder @ Coinhomes

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