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About Arutala

Arutala is immersive tech company based in Yogyakarta, that have focus on AR/VR/MR technology.

Who I am here

Here at Arutala, I have a role "Intermediate General Designer" that responsible for any design product related, including brand, website, app, and AR/VR experiences.

Joined from September 2020 up until now, I have great collaboration with all team to create better experience for digital product especially in Indonesia user market.

What I do

Mostly, I do design interface, experience and motion design for optimize immersive experience, all design I created will guide the developer team to develop the app and softwares.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Collab with PM and project / product owner for project to create experience, asset and interface ideation
  • Present design work to PM, Stakeholder and project owner with slide, mockup and prototype
  • Create design system component for design development including:
    • Web & mobile design system
    • VX (Virtual Experience) design system → AR&VR
  • Create wireframe, interface, mockup and prototype multi-device app (phone, PC and Oculus)
  • Design, develop and maintain company website with Wordpress, including produce the graphic contents
  • Create icon and motion for presentation, JSON lottie file and Sequnced PNG as assets for project development → Interface, mockup and presentation and Unity3D

Lets connect!

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